Wouldn't it make sense that everyone would agree that the worst city to drive in is the city they live in?  That's the way I see it.  Most people spend most of their time driving in the city they live in and complain about conditions.  Walletthub.com just released a national study of the best and worst cities to drive in.

You guessed it...Detroit is ranked dead last in the 100 cities on the list.  These are the 100 largest cities and they used criteria such as gas prices, the number of hours in traffic delays due to congestion and construction, auto repair shops per capita and more. I'm not sure where Kalamazoo would fall on this list if it were included but I sure like how little time it takes to get where I'm going.  I've lived in bigger metropolitan areas and have no desire to return to the traffic situation.  As for Detroit, I still think it gets a bad rap because it's Detroit.  How can it be worse than Los Angeles or San Fransisco???  For the full list and more of the story click HERE.

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