When the dog days of Summer hit, you don't want to be working these jobs.


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    Camp Counselor

    Sure, camp counselor is a fun Summer job but there's probably no air conditioning and lots of sweaty kids.

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    Mail Carrier

    Again, no air conditioning, just that one big door to slide open and let the heat in. Walking on foot can't be much better.

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    Server at Skydeck

    The view is wonderful but you are also closer to the sun.

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    Kitchen Worker

    It's got to be hot back there in the kitchen, especially if you are standing in front of the pizza ovens at Erbelli's.

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    Although the overhead doors are open almost always this time of year, it's got to be hot (and dirty) working under the cars at Tuffy or in the pit at Uncle Ed's.

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    Factory Worker

    Being on the line at a place like Stryker has got to wear you down on a 90 degree day.

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    If you are Porter for the Kalamazoo Growlers, WMU's Buster Bronco or the Detroit Tigers' Paws, you are suffering wearing that hot costume and the giant bobblehead.

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    Construction/ Landscaping

    The crews building all those mansions on Gull Lake probably wish they could jump in it on 90 degree days.

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    Road Construction

    MDoT crews on I-94 and 131 not only have to stand in the hot sun all day, that asphalt they are laying down is heated to 270-325 degrees.

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    Roofing Contractor

    These guys sweat it out all day long on a hot roof wrangling shingles that are melting from the heat. No wonder you'll find many of them enjoying an ice cold beer by 3 o'clock.