Battle Creek's  Rob Van Dam has been a major star in the wrestling world.  He is now the subject of a new documentary released called, "Headstrong".

Fans would know Rob Van Dam as one of the major stars in the original ECW.  He went on to have a great run with WWE and in TNA and continues to wrestle occasionally.  He also has acted and appeared in TV and Films.

Rob started to do stand up comedy and the new film follows him on tour.  It also shows his interaction with fans and his relationship with girlfriend Katie Forbes.   The documentary also looks at concussions as Rob deals with the effects of them during the film.

I have been a fan of Rob's ever since I saw an early match of his in ECW.  This is a look into the life of the wrestling superstar.

The documentary, "Headstrong" is out and you can check it out on I-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play and VUDU.

For more on what is happening with Rob you can check out his personal website here.


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