Josh Raymond has been a big name in the world of professional wrestling here in Michigan for many years. He's notably worked with many big stars in wrestling today, including WWE's Seth Rollins, when he wrestled his final match under the name Tyler Black. Josh continues to wrestle and coach pro wrestlers today, and regularly works in Independence Pro Wrestling of Kalamazoo.

But aside from pro wrestling, Josh has served the community as the coach of Paw Paw Middle School's wrestling program, as he is experienced in traditional wrestling as well. Recently he's had the blessing of having his program increase the amount of students, but it's posed some issues, which is why they're hosting a professional wrestling fundraiser, as he recently announced:
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Last year was my largest team in my entire coaching career when I topped out at 40 kids. This year appears to dwarf that number as I have over 60 kids signed up. Having 60 kids signed up to wrestle in good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. One of the many issues I have is a lack of equipment. Most of my teams have been under 30 kids so we unfortunately do not have enough equipment for everyone. I am in need of a lot of new singlets and headgear. This is where you can help. I am putting on a pro wrestling event as a fundraiser for my team at our middle school on Saturday, January 13th.
If any professional wrestlers would like to take part in the event, or if you'd like to donate to the cause, you're encouraged to send him a private message here.

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