Right on the eve of Summerslam, WWE held a special event in New York City to celebrate the upcoming release of their newest video game, WWE 2K18. We managed to grab a spot on the red carpet to ask your favorite superstars which band they’d choose to play them to the ring for their dream Wrestlemania entrance.

The carpet was packed with wrestling legends and rising stars, many of whom are rock fans and metalheads! One of the greatest superstars to ever hit the ring and current General Manager of Raw, Kurt Angle, chose Van Halen as his dream band. We also made sure to inform Angle of some possible gimmick infringement on Corey Taylor’s part, since the Slipknot legend recently performed live with a “broken freakin’ neck.”

One of WWE’s current breakout stars, Braun Strowman, is a man you’d never want to see in a mosh pit. At 6’ 8” and almost 400 pounds, you can understand why they call him “The Monster Among Men.” However, it turns out Strowman is a massive Tool fan and is even friends with guitarist Adam Jones. We asked if the giant Strowman could twist Jones’ arm to get that new Tool album released, but even Braun hasn’t been able to gather any info, despite multiple (peaceful) efforts.

Underground wrestling legend-turned-WWE Superstar Samoa Joe chose Rage Against the Machine as the band to play him out at Wrestlemania. “You can take anything from their catalogue that sounds pretty hard and menacing and I’d be more than happy to walk out to it,” Joe says.

Watch some of WWE’s greatest superstars riff about rock and metal in the clip above! WWE 2K18 will be released on Oct. 17 and you can pre-order the game right now!

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