When you think of prom pictures, images of teens awkwardly standing in posed positions might spring to mind. Much like these:

But, it looks like the younger generation is throwing the idea of traditional prom photos out the window. At least, that's what two teens in the Detroit area did.

Recently posted in the Abandoned, Old, and Interesting Places in Michigan Facebook group, these photos can only be described as epic. Nikki Lawson, the woman who posted the photos, was kind enough to take some time out of her day to give me a bit of background on the photos.

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The teens, Nick and Allyson, were getting ready to attend their prom at Fraser High School when Nikki (who is Nick's mom) and her husband had the brilliant idea to stage them at the long-abandoned Belle Isle Zoo. Here are the results:

*Please note: with any abandoned property you must personally double-check the laws and, if need be, reach out to the private owner before stepping onto the property. 

Yes, These Detroit Area Teens Just Took the Most Epic Prom Photos

These teens took prom photos to a whole new level with these epic shots.

Nikki described one of her favorite shots, Nick twirling Allyson, as a, "prom photo within Detroit street art perfection." And, I couldn't agree more. These photos will remain memorable for years and years to come. Hopefully, in the future, instead of looking back on their prom photos and cringing (as many of us have done), Nick and Allyson will instead remember a fabulous time trotting around an abandoned zoo.

Good luck to both Nick and Allyson on the rest of their high school career and on their future careers as tattoo artists!

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