It is always a great experience to ride the ferry boats to Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan.  Now there is a new type of cruise that  fits right in to that area.

According to the M-Live story, there is a pirate ship that now sails around the Straits of Mackinac.

The ship is part of the fleet owned by Star Line Ferry. They have their hydro jet boats that take you over to Mackinac Island and back to the mainland. Now they have a nightly cruise that allows adults to cruise the straits on their pirate ship.

The cruise is an hour and a half, pirate themed and is for those 21 and up. You will be allowed to buy beer and wine on board the cruise. This is just one of the many cruises that they offer on their ships. They feature fireworks cruises and one that will take you under the Mackinac Bridge. There is also a regular cruise on the pirate ship that is for all ages.

You can check out Star Line Ferry for more details on what cruises they offer.

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