We recently wrote about an urban legend, that was once a part of Michigan lore involving a McDonald’s of all places. The urban legend was that the only McDonald’s in the entire world to close down during the holiday season in the winter was in Mackinaw City. The reason behind this is that Mackinaw City is primarily a tourist city during the summer which brings in hundreds of thousands of people every year as a camping destination before the inevitable visit to Mackinac Island.

This urban legend proved to be false as there were a few other McDonald’s locations that closed for the holiday as well throughout the United States. However, by writing this article we uncovered that the building that was once the McDonald’s actually dates back to the late 1800s as the Dixie Saloon.  It turns out the General Manager of the Dixie saw our article and informed us that the building is actually haunted.

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In an interview he did with us he told us all about, an encounter that he faced involving a ghost that apparently hates balsamic vinegarette.

In 2021, we had a stainless steel prep table and nobody was within 5 feet of that table, and there was a gallon glass jar of freshly made balsamic vinegarette and out of nowhere the whole table tipped over on its side, and the jar of dressing just flew across and smashed on the floor.


If you’ve ever been to this establishment before, let us know if you’ve also encountered strange things from this legendary establishment.

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