Cedar Point is giving away a golden ticket- ride free for the rest of your days. Here is the best ride for each decade of your life.

Cedar Point is celebrating their 150th anniversary in a big way, and five grand prize winners will remember it for the rest of their lives. The "Ticket of a Lifetime" gets the winner and three friends or family members into the park and Cedar Point Shores for the rest of their lives.

While the winner rides everything, anytime, all day, every day, age can become a factor as time wears on. Unless you've got a good chiropractor and/or a great pain reliever, you need some tips for maximum thrills and minimal pain. These are the rides most suitable for each decade of your life at Cedar Point.

From the time you top the "You Must Be This Tall To Ride" sign through your twenties

  • You're young, fearless, invincible- ride everything.


  • You might be skipping some of the roller coasters by now, especially those older ones that jack you around, but don't quit riding Valravn. The tallest, fastest, longest dive coaster in the U.S, is a smooth ride.


  • Gatekeeper. It feels like you are gliding through the air on this one, despite the 4G, 164 foot drop and 67 m.p.h. top speed.


  • Millennium Force may be the only roller coaster left that won't leave you dizzy or wanting to catch a show in the saloon and take a break to regroup. Despite the fact that the ride is now 20 years old, it's still a good one. Besides, you're not ready to give up putting your hands up at the top of the hill, are you?


  • No, you're not getting older, it's all about the grand kids when you are in your sixties. The Sky Ride is a fun way to see the entire park and get from one end to the other, thankyouverymuch.


  • The Giant Wheel is still in operation for a very good reason, dagnab it.


  • OK, so it's not technically a ride, but the Cedar Creek lazy river at the water park is still an attraction. It counts. Hit the Antique Cars if you want to stay dry.


  • Good for you, you've soaked up the maximum value of that golden ticket! Enjoy your time on the beach of Lake Erie at Cedar Point Shores- it's included.
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