Here's a question for you, guys:  What's the GIRLIEST thing you secretly do?  Don't worry, we won't judge you THAT much.  Here are five of the most popular answers.

1.  Keeping a diary.  But if you call it a journal, it sounds better.

2.  Using women's shower gel.  They have way better scents like orange and peach and wild rose . . . all the men's scents are like Arctic Blast and Roaring Thunder.

3.  Plucking, shaving, and trimming your eyebrows.

4.  Lighting a candle, drawing a bubble bath, and reading in the tub for an hour.

5.  Knowing all the big Disney songs . . . or secretly having some Disney soundtracks.

So, guys... The Rocker Morning Show wants to know what is the most girly thing you secretly do?