Whether it's something as innocuous as putting your elbows on the table, or as unsanitary as picking your knows, you know you do something that is technically socially unacceptable.  Reddit.com asked their users, "What's Something You Do Everyday That's Socially Unacceptable?"

Here are their top ten results:

1.  Pick food out of your teeth with your fingers.

2.  Pee sitting down, as a man.

3.  Pick your nose.

4.  Scratch your butt, then secretly sniff it while you pretend to scratch your nose.

5.  Put your elbows on the table.

6.  Pass gas whenever you feel it coming.

7.  Wear sweatpants out to dinner.

8.  Take one bite out of a piece of pizza or cake then put it back in the refrigerator.

9.  Sit at home, alone, doing nothing.  It feels like you're always supposed to be doing SOMETHING now . . . you can just sit there, sort of watching TV.

10.  Pee in the shower.  It's so much faster.

So... the Rocker Morning Show wants to know, what's something you do everyday that's socially unacceptable?