Not too long ago Loudwire reminisced on 11 of the heaviest hair metal songs, sorting through the landfill-sized detritus of discarded '80s make-up kits, ripped spandex, and Ozone Layer-endangering hair spray for the songs that were, not just the hairiest, but heaviest from that bygone era.

We thought we'd had our fill, but hair metal is sort of like a crazy ex -- you know they're not healthy for you but, man, you still can't help keeping in touch, even against all common sense.

Plus, there were still so many excellent songs deserving of recognition for respecting the "heavy" qualification in the oft-wimpy hair metal genre, so here we go with 11 More of the Heaviest Hair Metal Songs. Don't forget to follow this list on Spotify.

Hair Metal's Heaviest Songs

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