It has been 15 years since that fateful day that, once again, changed our lives forever.  I say once again because, unfortunately, there have been many "fateful" days in our nation's history.  Sheriff Rick Fuller brought up an interesting point this morning on our show.  The 15 year olds weren't even born when the tragedy occurred.  For that matter the 21 year olds probably don't remember that day either.

Photo by Mike McKelly

So, here's an opportunity to bring the family to Bronson Park on Sunday at 4p and join us for the commemoration.  I will be your MC for the occasion and I'll be joined by city leaders, first responders, military personnel and volunteers who will all be a part of a very moving 1 hour ceremony.  If nothing else, it's a way to say thank you to all of those who keep us safe and make our lives a little better every day.  Hope to see you there.