There's no avoiding it, sometimes, you gotta grab a quick meal. Maybe its raining and you don't wanna get out of your car, so you pick anything with a drive-thru. Or, you just bought HUNDREDS of dollars of groceries, but you're too tired to cook any of it when you get home.

Fast Food will eventually make its way into our weekly lives, on average, once every other day... even if you're a health nut. But As much as we love to indulge in it, we also hate it, and one of the most despised fast food chains in the U.S. actually started in Michigan.

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Back in 2022, Google  and MSN did a study on customer satisfaction for fast food chains of all varieties across the country, and found 12 of them that were particularly hated by patrons.

And of course, every neighborhood and town is different. The Taco Bell on the corner of Drake and W. Main in Kalamazoo, provides VASTLY different quality of product than the one on Sprinkle Road, or even Gull Road.

But that's not what this is about. This is about the brands, and chains in general, surveyed by more than 20,000 people in all 50 states, and Washington D.C. about their least favorite fast food joints, and surprisingly, one of Michigan's most beloved chains made the list.

You might not think of Pizza as a fast food, but Little Caesars managed to make it faster than some Chik-fil-A Drive-thrus. In fact, Little Caesars is the 11th most hated fast food chain in the entire country. It's customer satisfaction index fell one point from 76, to 75 from 2021-22. And the reviews weren't great, with one of the most INSANE ones being from a customer who said...

"I wish a negative score was possible I got food from the Little Caesars, and my food had glass in it. Since then I have called, filled out their complaint form and absolutely no one has contacted me."

That's a REAL review, but it was unclear WHERE in the country it came from.

Regardless, though, they say they contacted the NATIONAL headquarters about the incident, and still, no help. You're not going to win any customers over treating them like that.

So yeah, Little Caesar's is up there in the top 12.

Rounding out the rest of the list are as follows with their change in index score from 2021-22:

12. Burger King: 76%-75%
11. Little Caesars: 76%-75%
10. Panda Express: 76%-75%
9.  Subway: 75% (no change)
8. Dairy Queen: 74% (no change)
7. Dunkin': 77%-74%
6. Sonic: 73%-74%
5. Wendy's: 73% (no change)
4. Jack in the Box: 73%-72%
3. Taco Bell: 74%-72%
2. Popeye's: 73%-71%
1. McDonald's: 70%-68%

A few things I noticed... it makes me sad that people don't like Sonic as much, but I totally get it. I grew up on that chain because it was started in the region I lived in. It also sucks to see people hate on Panda Express, but I also get it.

Also, turns out, a brand change from "Dunkin' Donuts" to just "Dunkin'" didn't help much. Just come on over to Bigby like a grown adult.

As for McDonald's... well... when you change your whole brand from mascots, ball pits, and playgrounds, to... sad, suburban, midlife crisis... turns out those Happy Meals turn into Sad Meals.

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By the way, the ranking is based on the restaurants with the most locations in The Mitten, based on data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech. Their numbers are based on data compiled in 2021, so some numbers may have fluctuated since then.

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