Dog 'n Suds used to be a drive-in root beer stand. Now, the name could be re-used for this self-serve dog wash open 24 hours to keep your pup clean.

While you can no longer get a booth at Denny's or a custard-filled long john at Sweetwater's 24/7, there are still some things you can do any time day or night. On a trip to a quarter car wash in Portage to spray the mud off my mountain bike, I discovered a 24-hour dog wash- the only one of its kind in Kalamazoo.

Many dogs don't like the water at all. This can create a sloppy, wet, messy, situation if you try to do it in the bathtub or the shower at home. You might get better results outside with the garden hose, but good luck trying to get your dog to sit and stay. What dog doesn't love to go for a ride? So, the next time your dog needs to be cleaned up, open the car door, whistle, and head to the Kalamazoo-areas only 24-hour dog wash.

The Only 24 Hour Dog Wash in Kalamazoo

Dogs can get into a tangle with a skunk late at night or into any kind of trouble anytime. Here's where you can get your pup cleaned up 24/7.
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