There were very few people left in the world that thought the drive-in theatres had much left in the tank, so to speak. The grandeur of the IMAX screens and table service of in-house theatres just seemed to be keeping most movie-goers attention. Then a certain virus broke out... and the future of the drive-in is looking positive. In fact, 5 Mile Drive-In in Dowagiac is officially opening for the season, Saturday, June 13th, nearly one month to the day of Capri's opening night, and the city of Portage announcing a summer drive-in series for the family.

Different from years previous, you will be allowed to bring outside food and drinks with you to the theatre, though concessions will be open should your nostalgia get the best of you. The movie schedule will be announced shortly, and you can get updates by joining their mailing list.

Recently, Brett and Drew Pierce, two Detroit-are brothers with a love for film-making, made news when their straight-to-drive-in horror film, The Wretched, became a surprise success. Movie goers around the country have inadvertently made this indie project, filmed entirely in Leelanau, the #1 movie in America. If the major franchise theatres hadn't closed due to social distancing issues, there's little chance anyone would have even heard about this little movie that could. Who knows? Maybe 5 Mile will feature The Wretched in its 2020 summer lineup.

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