If you're going to tube down a hill to escape the winter doldrums, you want to be on the hill for a long time, right?

It turns out, there are many places in Michigan claiming to have the longest tubing runs, so let's see who's for real and who's giving us the old sales pitch, shall we?

Snow Snake ski resort near Harrison in the lower peninsula, says their 750 foot run is "one of the longest in Michigan". Okay, but being one of the longest doesn't mean you ARE the longest.

Timberlee Hills near Traverse City boasts they have the "largest" ski tubing runs, but fail to indicate how long they are, which leaves us skeptical. They do have open lanes, meaning you can free lance down the hill, so they're providing snow tubing in the purest sense.

Cannonsburg doesn't mention how long their tubing runs are, but having been there I can tell you they're at least 500 feet, and have a pretty good drop as well, plus they're right here in Grand Rapids.

Echo Valley near Kalamazoo is also close by, and they offer 500 feet of tubing.

Sundance Slopes near Rothbury got a ton of lake effect snow this week, so even though their longest run is 660 feet, it's worth the hour drive over there to give it a whirl. At the very least, they're second longest.

But the longest hill for tubing I could find is at Boyne Highlands just north of Harbor Springs, where their 800 foot free fall is the longest in Michigan. Plus, if you've never been, it's also one of the greatest views from atop a hill in Lower Michigan!

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