The most famous convenience store in the world is facing tough financial times and unfortunately will be closing hundreds of locations in 2024. I’m talking about the infamous 7-Eleven.

A total of 30 retailers will be closing 3200 locations in 2024 according to a recent survey done by CBS News, which shows that 7-Eleven plans on closing 272 stores. they’re saying that this is a 24% increase from a year ago and some of the closures are victims poor management while others are struggling with the changes in consumer habits.

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You Win Some, Ya Lose Some

While 7-Eleven is struggling during the closures, they also plan on opening even more locations and they plan on closing in 2024. the report also shows that they plan on opening 270 locations in 2024 into 2025. So is this a case of 7-Eleven dying, or certain cities no longer embracing the store itself?

Is 7-Eleven Dying?

I highly doubt that this place will ever go under, and feel that sometimes it’s better suited for some cities and others.

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How Many & Which  7- 7-Eleven Locations Are Closing Near Me?

As far as which locations will be closing and where the company has yet to make an announcement or indicate which locations will be losing and gaining 7-Eleven stores, so we will just have to wait and see. As of 2023, there were just over 300 stores in Michigan & Ohio alone.

I'm interested to see if West Michigan can land some more locations, as there is only one in Kalamazoo and around the city, and serves as the closest one outside of Holland.

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