You'll feel like you've turned into your mother as this video of a frigid Kalamazoo will make you get a sweater (and have everyone else put one on too).

Kalamazoo: chilled. As of this writing, there have been more than two weeks of temperatures below freezing in the Mall City.

  • Thur 2/4: High 34
  • Fri 2/5: High 30
  • Sat 2/6: High 18
  • Sun 2/7: High 14
  • Mon 2/8: High 16
  • Tue 2/9: High 18
  • Wed 2/10: High 19
  • Thur 2/11: High 19
  • Fri 2/12: High 27
  • Sat 2/13: High 23
  • Sun 2/14: High 18
  • Mon 2/15: High 12
  • Tue 2/16: High 18
  • Wed 2/17: High 19
  • Thur 2/18: High 23

There's finally a warming trend coming our way, and we may warm up to freezing by February 21 or 22. (You see, "warming" is relative here in Michigan this time of year.) Blake Naftel ventured out into the arctic cold on a morning when the temperature was -6 to get some breathtaking video. (Literally.)

Not only can you see your breath when it gets this cold, you see a whole new side of the city as the cold crystallizes things. Bronson Park is under a thin coating of snow and ice that adds an intricate layer of beauty to the scene. The statues of the children are playing ankle-deep in snow. It almost looks as if they didn't listen to their mother and froze like that. The soldiers standing guard outside of city hall look like I imagine General Washington's army felt at Valley Forge, or they met with a mythical Medusa.

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Take a look around Kalamazoo amidst the frozen fractals and crystallized flurries floating through the air in the video below. The floating, drifting, ambient soundtrack accents the peacefulness, serenity and stillness of the cold.

A Frozen Kalamazoo

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