Find a penny, pick it up, and on that day you will have found $1,000!!!!

Many people ignore a penny on the sidewalk if they see it, but now you should do a double take and grab it. is reporting...

"Ally Bank says it is hoping to encourage Americans to look for opportunities to save through its "Lucky Penny" promotion, which launched this week. The lucky pennies carry a copper color like real pennies, but feature the Detroit-based bank's logo instead of Abraham Lincoln's head. The flip side of the coin lists its value at 100,000 cents."

100 fake pennies have been placed all across the country. Including, Detroit, NY, LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, Denver, San Diego, Charlotte, North Carolina and Texas.

Many people are superstitious, especially this time of year and will not pick up a penny if it is heads down because it will bring you bad luck. The idea is that what you should do is flip the penny over so someone else will find it and be blessed. Yet reported...

"Long, long ago, many ancient people believed that metals, including the copper that was used to make pennies, were gifts from the gods. They thought that these metals were given to them by the gods for their protection.

If you found metal, you should definitely pick it up, since it would protect you and bring you goodluck. This is probably where the belief that finding a penny is lucky came from. Of course, pennies also have value — not much, but some! — so people probably also believed that finding a penny was lucky because it increased your wealth, even if only by one cent!"


Now your net worth could be increased by a $1,000 and all you did was pick up a penny! Plus, if it is heads down you need to flip it over and check the face.

Maybe you won't find one of these little gems on the road, but maybe you will get it as change from a store! How many people really look at penny?!? You might just get lucky, I hope I do!!!

If you are the  lucky one that finds this piece of copper worth the price of gold you have till the end of the year to redeem it.

Here a few interesting facts about the penny curiosity of

* To date, and  not including this design, there have been 11 different pennies

* The "Liberty to Lincoln" penny was suggested by Benjamin Franklin

* The first cent was made in 1787 in a private mint

* Because of a copper storage the first  mass production of the penny was not until 1815

* The Indian cent is actually not a man but an Indian Princess

* The Eagle Flying cent came out in 1856

And now another penny, worth a 'mint' (pun intended) has hit the streets!

Happy Hunting!