Country superstar Thomas Rhett played at Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston over the weekend, along with special guests Parker McCollum and Conner Smith.

Having just moved back to Michigan a few weeks ago, and being too young to have experienced a concert when I lived here as a child, this was my first visit to Pine Knob.

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Pine Knob Music Theatre launched in 1972, and was known by that name for thirty years until DTE Energy purchased naming rights. That agreement expired prior to this season, and once again, the venue has returned to its original name.

Regardless of what we're calling it, the venue was great! The acoustics were amazing, the staff was courteous and professional. and the concessions were plentiful.

But there was something missing. Something I noticed before the gates even opened.

See if you notice.

Pine Knob Music Theatre, by JR (Townsquare Media)
Pine Knob Music Theatre, by JR (Townsquare Media)

Did you notice?

How about here?

Pine Knob Music Theatre, by JR (Townsquare Media)
Pine Knob Music Theatre, by JR (Townsquare Media)

Are you not seeing what I'm not seeing?

Try one more time.

Pine Knob Music Theatre, by JR (Townsquare Media)
Pine Knob Music Theatre, by JR (Townsquare Media)

There I was, taking in a 360-degree view outside the gates at Pine Knob Music Theatre, and it hit me.

There's not a single pine tree in sight!

How does a place end up with a name like "Pine Knob Music Theatre" without so much as a solitary pine tree anywhere to be seen?

You probably already knew. But I didn't.

Turns out it's simply because of nearby Pine Knob Ski Resort and Pine Knob Golf Course (both of which have pine trees). That's it.

I understand naming the venue for proximity to other known or partner entities. But Pine Knob Music Theatre can't even have one pine tree?

I checked Amazon. You can buy 50 seeds for less than $8.

Come on, Pine Knob Music Theatre. Plant a pine tree.

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