For those who are new to Southwest Michigan, back in 2017 Richard Schlater was able to win the art prize for an incredible portrait he finished using 24,500 rare and common pennies of Abraham Lincoln.

The portrait is on display in downtown Battle Creek in the Lincoln Room at 32 West Michigan Ave and still stands as an impressive accomplishment. Not only is the portrait respected, but so is Mr. Schlater according to one member of the community who commented on a related post:

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Richard Schlater is a very talented and dedicated community member of Battle Creek. He does more to help those who need a hand up in life. He recently co-chaired the Women’s Co-Op Fundraiser at the Kool Center in downtown Battle Creek where thousands of dollars were raised to help women lead a more productive life. He’s very involved along with his spouse in his Church and finally, he raises funds to help sponsor the Annual Stan Musial Baseball tournament held at C.O. Brown Stadium in August.

I've always had an appreciation for those who can have the patience and the creativity to make something so spot-on and able to see the big picture.

But what do you call this masterpiece? Surely something that was able to capture the $200,000 Grand Prize must have a name. Well if it already doesn't I have the only real name it could, logically, be given...

Abraham Lin-coin...

Abe Lincoln's Only Michigan Speech

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