Hear the legendary band recorded live at Castle Donington in 2014 as Aerosmith headlines the next Live in Concert on RKR.

Are you missing live shows as much as we are? There haven't been any live concerts since March and we don't know when they will return, so The Rocker is doing something about it. Every Saturday night at 8, it's Live in Concert. Tune in at 107.7, listen live at WRKR.com or on the Rocker app if you're on the go and hear live cuts from classic rock icons.

Aerosmith's Global Warming Tour kicked off in May of 2012 and lasted 25 months, criss-crossing the globe. This week you will hear a rockin' performance from Castle Donington in England on June 15, 2014, just a couple of weeks from the finish line. The original 5 are there: Tyler, Perry, Whitford, Hamilton and Kramer cranking out their blues-infused version of rock & roll. Whet your appetite with a preview below with a clip from the festival as Tom Hamilton's bass solo segues into the unforgettable intro to "Sweet Emotion."

This week, you'll also hear Stone Temple Pilots recorded at the Riviera in Chicago in 2010, Triumph from '87 and Santana live in 1978. Saturday nights rock with Live in Concert, every week at 8 pm, exclusively on Kalamazoo's Rock Station 107.7 RKR.

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