After free agency the Detroit Lions Super Bowl odds were low.  Now that the draft has passed they went up but are still in the lower part of the league.

According to M-Live, the Lions odds improved from 80-1 to 66-1.  Oddsmaker Bet Online had the Lions as one of 10 teams to come out of the draft with better odds.

There are only four teams with worse odds than the Lions.   Arizona, Cincinnati,Washington and Miami are worse with the Lions tied with Tampa and Buffalo.

They are also listed 4th in the NFC North behind Chicago, Minnesota and Green Bay.

Can they improve on last year's 6-10 record?  The Lions preseason schedule will begin on August 8th against the Patriots.

They're regular season will kick off Sunday, September 8th in Arizona against the Cardinals.

The first home game at Ford Field will be on Sunday, September 15th against the L.A. Chargers.

You can check out the Lions website for their 2019 schedule.

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