There is a new hibachi sushi and rice bowl place that is opening up soon at 5728 South Westnedge Rd in Portage. That seems to be a locally owned business. The new place is called AiCHEF which has me scratching my head a little.

Although I’m really looking forward to the new restaurant, I’m curious if they are going to be using artificial intelligence to make their food, or if AI is simply an abbreviation connected to the ethnicity linked to the menu. Either way, it’s always good to have new local businesses open up to support.

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There are some places that offer the option of choosing different kinds of sushi and rice bowls by placing them on a refrigerated conveyor belt and having them run in front of customers to choose from, but there's no word on this place will offer the same feature.

The new restaurant is taking the former location of the Sprint store next to Medawar Jewelry and Aarons Electronics. There’s no set opening date as of now, but it looks like there may be signage on the door that indicates that they are hiring.

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