There is a corner strip mall on South Westnedge in Kalamazoo that is about to be almost completely vacant, and one has to wonder why. For the longest time, Kzoo Swift was the staple business that resided on the corner of Forest St and Westnedge, with many other businesses coming and going. But recently it was announced that soon, there will be nearly no active businesses in that corner mall.

Kzoo Swift has put signage up outside of their current location that they're not only moving but hosting a moving sale to go along with it:

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Swift will be holding its moving sale all week long! We plan on being here from 10 to 4 all week. Huge savings on just about everything! After things fell through late last year we gave up on moving. But a better opportunity came along. We are going to 3415 Ravine Rd. Near the corner of Nichols and Ravine.

Why Does That Corner Fail?

It's no big secret that the corner mall there at Forest & Westnedge is a difficult place to own a business. Most recently we saw Elements close their doors for good, after struggling for multiple years to turn a profit. Some have said the neighborhood isn't safe, while others say it's too far off the beaten path.

Only One Business Left

Either way, it would appear that once they move, the entire mall will be completely vacant of any businesses, besides the antique store Haggle, which opened up in 2023.

While the new location is bigger, it does put their shop in a more industrial area of Kalamazoo but hope it leads to continued success for their business.

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