Halloween is quickly becoming the favorite holiday of the year, even surpassing Christmas. Sure, there is nothing really like the holiday season but Halloween continues to be a close second when it comes to spending and it’s no question that Michigan is a huge fan of the holiday.

Nothing could make this statement more obvious than seeing Spirit Halloween signage has gone up on empty storefronts all throughout Kalamazoo. There is a location on Westnedge and a location on Stadium Drive that are already getting ready for the big holiday.

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What’s even cooler is, it is possible that these could open up as early as July as their website claims that the store will be opening soon. It also prompts you to check back after July 24 to find, all of the local spirit Halloween stores in the Kalamazoo area.

July 24 is such an off-date, it makes me wonder if we could see the Halloween store open before August. We will have to keep an eye on the website and find out on Monday when they will be open for the year.

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