Yesterday I saw a video of Chris Yu from WWMT approaching a man and a woman near a pet foods store in the shopping plaza that hosts Target & Party City off of Westnedge in Portage after multiple complaints came in claiming the man couldn't actually play, and even questioned the validity of the sign which was used to draw in donations for him and his "family:"

His sign reads, "DAD WITH 3 KIDS PLEASE HELP FOR FOOD AND RENT." But viewers expressed concern that he's been pretending to play the violin to solicit donations. Here's a snippet of what happened when I approached him. More tonight - at 10 and 11. Police across the U.S. have been warning the public about similar performers:
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After Chris approached the man, both the woman and he claimed they didn't know English, even though they apparently knew how to write it on the sign. After being called out, the man and woman packed up their belongings and hit the road. Here's the thing though, who cares?

What's The Big Friggin' Deal?

Why is this such a big deal for people to bust up? I look at it like this: with respect to those who are actually homeless, there are people nearby who I have seen panhandling, in fact, I LIVED next to one of these guys when I first moved here. This is the musical version of that. This guy may not even have kids, but if he wants to pretend to play the violin to get some change, it's the people's choice to give him money.
There are plenty of "singers" who make millions of dollars pretending they can sing live who people blindly give money to every day, so I say let these people pretend they can jam, and maybe even sit in on them for a's not like you need any talent for it.
On the other foot, what if he really is homeless? You're just gonna bust up his only means to entice people to throw him some change just for the social media clout? Again, leave it up to the people. If you're gullible enough to fall for someone pretending to play violin on the street, you deserve to lose money.

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