Years ago, some college football coach got the bright idea to reward his players with something "cool" when they made a play on defense. More specifically, if you got a turnover, or forced the ball out, you got the "turnover trophy."

There is speculation as to WHEN it started, but now it has grown to absurd levels with DOZENS of colleges copying the celebration with bigger, more extravagant rewards. And then... there's Akron, who may have just debuted the most "Tired" Turnover Trophy in football.

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The Zips were playing on their home turf against Morgan State this past weekend, and per usual in MACtion football, something wild and crazy happened.

With less than a minute to go in the game, Akron trailed Morgan State 21-17. But, a forced turnover, turned into a TD, and Akron would go on to win the game.

And as if the play itself wasn't amazing enough, the MACtion moved from the endzone, to the sideline where Devonte Golden-Nelson was donned with the wildest Turnover Trophy ever...
the Turnover Tire.  

Yep. You've heard of the Turnover Chain, the Turnover throne, crown... and now, Akron, the "Rubber City," has... the Turnover Tire.

It's actually kind of a cool way to pay tribute to your city through celebration, but only if you really understand. Otherwise... it just looks like you got a tire around your head and can't see.

MACtion baby... never ceases to deliver the fun.

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