Are you like me?  Not often surprised anymore.  Part of the problem is trying to avoid surprises but mostly just not a lot out there to be surprised by.  Well, a couple of years ago my wife Karla and I took 2 of our granddaughters to the Alligator Sanctuary in Athens, MI not knowing what to expect.  We thought it would be kind of like a zoo where you walk around an just look at the alligators, ya know, being alligators.  Boy were we surprised.

As Peter Critchlow who was on the show today (with my new friend Tyrion) reminded us, there is so much more to the Alligator Sanctuary and even better, so much more to the alligators.  What we didn't know was that alligators are more intelligent than we thought.  In fact, they are about as smart as a 3 year old child which gave us an interesting perspective since our granddaughters were 4 and 2 years old.  We found out that they are trainable and get attached to the people they're with.  So, other than the fact they're alligators, they'd make a great pet.  It was such an entertaining and interesting 90 minutes we're still talking about it and tell everyone we know to get down there and check it out for themselves.  Get more information by clicking HERE.

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