While I fall under the "millennial" category I, unfortunately, am far from being a millionaire but if I was I would take my riches to the West Coast. Surprisingly, though, a high number of America's wealthiest millennials are flocking to the cold state of Michigan.

According to a new report from Coldwell Banker Global Luxury apparently, Traverse City is the hot spot for ritzy millennials. The study found there are about 618,000 millionaire millennials (.2% of the general U.S. population) and the majority have a net worth of $1 million to $2.49 million. Researchers analyzed things like their lifestyles, property investments, spending habits, and philanthropy.

Now while 44% of the millennial millionaires are concentrated in California the top zip code, though, where most live is 49685 aka Traverse City, MI. So why is that? Because the beautiful city known to attract tourists is actually ideal for a millennial says an associate broker for Coldwell Banker

The younger affluent like that they can get a fabulous home on, near or overlooking vineyards, fresh water or beaches for a fraction of the cost of larger metropolitan areas.

A $500K house in Traverse City compares to a $2M home in Silicon Valley. In addition, the city has exploded with things to do from festivals to the food and beer scene downtown. Millennials value a good work-life balance and Traverse City is a place where they can have that.

Traverse City, MI & Potomac, MD were the only two non-California cities to show up on the "top 10 zip codes" where rich af millennials are living.

You can check out the rest of the report here. In the meantime, BRB, gonna figure out how to make a quick mill like my millennial counterparts.

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