We take little changes on a local level for granted until the staples of our community are long gone. There's something to be said about the changes that our cities and towns go through over the course of 20 years, let alone hundreds. When you really think about it, how much has your hometown changed just in your lifetime alone?

It's probably changed a considerable amount, but it's nothing compared to the changes our world has gone through in the last 750 Million Years. But a new interactive map shows you just how much the Midwest has changed, going from Snowball Earth to dinosaurs, to the splitting of Pangea, to what it is today.

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The map allows you to go through time and see where exactly we fall on the map as it was back then. As you travel through time, you'll find yourself under ice, underwater, and possibly under lava.

The map takes you through many different time periods, such as the Cryogenian Period, Ediacaran Period, Early Cambrian, Late Cambrian, Ordovician Period, Late Ordovician, Silurian Period, Devonian Period, Late Devonian, Carboniferous Period, Late Carboniferous, Permian Period, Late Permian, Early Triassic, Middle Triassic, Late Triassic, Jurassic Period, Late Jurassic, Early Cretaceous, Cretaceous Period, Late Cretaceous, Early Tertiary, Mid Tertiary and Neocene Period.

This journey is pretty wild to take in, but it's wild to see just how much the planet has changed in that long period, and makes you wonder just how it will look 1 million years from now.

Here's How Ohio Has Changed In The Last 750 Million Years

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