With as many lakes and as many pontoon boats as we have here in Michigan, there's at least two or three lakes that could have the honor of 'best state party lake', but this is the one that got it...

And the winner is...Lake St. Clair!

Clearly, the writer has never been to Torch Lake on the 4th of July. (Although the locals have been cracking down on that party).

Thrillist.com named the top nine party lakes in the country, and Lake St. Clair made the honorable list.

The shallow lake that connects the Detroit River to the St. Clair River has pizza delivery and impromptu boob shows according to Thrillist:

With an average depth of 11 feet, LSC is ripe for boat parties and home to Jobbie Nooner, a water-based Mardi Gras that happens twice a year and boasts its fair share of booze, toplessness, and massive crowds.


Drop Anchor: Big Muscamoot Bay (N 42.55783 and W -82.66071) is your move for an R-rated anchorage with floating parties. Also, an S.S. Pizza Boat delivery service. After a day on the bay you should breach for free music at Lake St. Clair Metropark and a host of other activities, including attempting to beat Lake Cumberland’s raft chain world record. Pro tip: buy the on-site Guinness judge a slice of floating pizza.

I love this quote from the article, because it's so true:

Lake partying is definitely better than land partying because it’s not the end of the world if you spill your beer -- and if it lands on the boat, it’s probably not your boat anyways.


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