I never get tired of saying it: "The West side is the best side."  Over and over again we are reminded of 2 things: 1. We take West Michigan for granted and 2. West Michigan is STILL the best kept secret in America.  The McKellys were back in Wisconsin last week along the Southeast lake shore.  And even though Karla and I were born in Kenosha and Racine respectively, I have to admit the lakefront areas in both cities suck!!!  There is so much potential and has been for 50 years!  All they have to do is go to South Haven for 5 minutes to figure out what to do!

Anyway, once again a S.W. Michigan town has gotten national recognition in the vacation category.  In an article on msn.com, New Buffalo was named the best place to go for a budget-friendly family vacation in the entire State of Michigan.  Some of the things mentioned are Galien River County Park, the Railroad Museum and the Blue Moon Vintage Market.  Check out the rest by clicking HERE.


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