It was just last week I declared what I thought to be the final recall of the year.  Now several recalls later, I've forgotten what that recall was.  So here we go again, another recall just before Christmas of something many of us include in our holiday meals.

According to a report on, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall on Del Monte Foods Canned Fiesta Corn Seasoned with Red and Green Peppers.  The recall is due to under-processing which can result in spoilage leading to life-threatening illness.  The company says over 64,000 cans are involved in 25 states including Michigan.  If you're like me and think there has been an increase in recalled food, we'd both be right.  The Centers For Disease Control has investigated 22 outbreaks this year which is the highest in 12 years.  For more information on this specific recall and others that have been posted recently, click HERE.




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