This time of year we are inundated with Year-End lists.  The top 10 this and the top 10 that and we look back fondly on or not so fondly.  One of those lists we won't look back on fondly is the list of recalls in 2018.  Here's just a partial list of the recalls in 2018: baby Ibuprofen, ground beef, lettuce, Harley Davidsons, sausage, fruit, eggs and yogurt.  So what's next as we close out 2018?

According to a report on, the latest on the list is children's hoodies sold at Meijer because of a choking hazard.  Meijer has issued a recall for Falls Creek children's zip-up hoodies because the zipper slider can detach from the hoodie posing a possible choking hazard.  The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has all the details you'll need to identify if, in fact, you have one of the hoodies and other information necessary to, among other things, get a refund.  Click HERE.



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