Well, we messed up as a society, and were too quick to judge a fellow Michigander... even though he was judged by a judge before we ever got the chance to judge him... but that's beside the point now.

It turns out, the man who went viral last week for being caught on camera driving, while zooming into his court appearance for driving on a suspended license, is completely innocent, and we all owe him a MASSIVE apology.

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For those who missed what happened, last week, video was released from Washtenaw County of a video court hearing with Corey Harris as the defendant, and judge Cedric Simpson. In the video, you see Mr. Haris log into his court hearing while he's parking his car, and we soon find out that his hearing was for driving on a suspended license.

From there, it falls apart, and you can see the life sucked straight out of Mr. Harris' face as the judge revokes his bond, and requests that he report to jail immediately, or a bench warrant will be out for his arrest, as he was AGAIN driving... LITERALLY during his court hearing... for having a suspended license.

But, it turns out, Mr. Harris was innocent, and we owe him an apology.

Harris spoke to 7 News Detroit about how he felt through the whole situation, and now all I can think about is how badly we treated him, and laughed at him, while he was dealing with things far out of his control.

"With the type of ties that I have with the church and the community, it's very embarrassing. What was I thinking? I was thinking about getting my wife medical help. That's what I was thinking. I wasn't thinking about the fact that I got a suspended license. I don't care about all that."

Yes, it turns out, Corey was pulling into a doctor's office to get aid for his wife at the time of the hearing. And while that's maybe enough to forgive him, it gets even worse for all of us that laughed out... turns out, he's completely innocent.

In January of 2022, Harris' suspended license was lifted, and it allowed him to drive again. However, the MIchigan Secretary of State's Office said his paperwork never made it over for clearance, so his suspension was never lifted.


The Saginaw Friend of the Court never took the necessary steps to bring Corey Harris' paperwork to the proper authorities, and it resulted in a continued suspended license, without him even knowing.

So for all we know, Mr. Harris... Corey... had no idea why he was being summoned to the docket, but as a good member of the community, he complied, and logged in... even pulling over to park his car when his turn came up, WHILE he was getting aid for his sick wife.

I saw someone post on twitter, "We had better apologize to this man with the same ferocity that we chastised and laughed at him." And I completely agree. So Mr. Harris... we here at the Rocker are DEEPLY sorry that we laughed at you, and mocked you for what a stupid thing you'd done... when in fact, we were the stupid ones.

I hope you're wife is doing better, enjoy your new license, and may God have mercy on our souls...

NOW... Saginaw Friend of the Court... we have some things we'd like to discuss...

Wayne County Courthouse, Detroit

Abandoned Municipal Court Building, Highland Park

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