Wow, that was quick! We couldn't even have our first snow of the winter of 2018 without someone trying to get me killed on I-94 this morning. I was driving in the passing as I passed a car to get into the middle lane. I turned my blinker on, checked, and continued to get into the middle lane. Just then, "Johnny Careless" decides he doesn't wanna be in the exit lane for Portage Rd that literally everyone knows is an exit lane, and cuts me off without his blinker! 

Then, the genius decides to slam on his breaks, sending an avalanche of snow off his roof into my windsheild, blinding me with debris. it that difficult to set aside 5 minutes to properly prepare your car for the morning commute? Please follow these safety tips AGAIN so we can avoid another pile up on I-94:

1.  Please Wipe Snow Off Your Car Before Leaving. You see car scrapers and dusters in almost every gas station or dollar store that you walk into. Seeing that you're gonna go outside to warm your car up, please take the extra 20 seconds to dust off the top of your car. I don't need to be driving behind the Frosty mobile on a windy day, blinding me to what's happening in front of me. Also, that's illegal.

2. If You Have A Truck With 4 Wheel Drive, We're All Happy For You. I used to drive a Ford Explorer with 4X4 and it was amazing. But we have to realize that not everybody has an easy time navigating in the snow with their four-door sedan. So please don't ride their tail and cause them to panic. We already have enough anxiety driving in the snow.

3. If You're A Slofer, Get Over. This goes for the smaller cars that don't handle well in the snow. It's not the people who drive trucks faults that you have a hard time handling your vehicle. Even if you gotta hit that Hazard button, pop on over to the slow lane so the rest of the drivers can go-on-get with their day.

4. Drive Safe. This time of year we need to be prepared for hazardous conditions and that means you might have to sacrifice some sleep to get where you need to go. Check weather and traffic. Don't be in any kind of hurry to get where you're going otherwise you're risking causing an accident which we don't need. Especially places like Gull Rd, where there is already so much traffic paired with the high volume of businesses located off the road. There is no need to speed in the snow; adjust to the terrain. Also, when it's snowing hard, TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON.

5. Help Each Other Out. It could be something as little as helping a neighbor clear off their car, allowing a car to pass you by easing up on the gas or letting someone pull onto the street by stopping. This time of year is about cheer, love and family. Make a stranger's day by spreading some positivity, even if it's on the road. Cause we've all had that, "thank youuuuu" moment. So be that man that man.


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