So, when did this whole trend of flavoring something other than it's normal flavor start?  The one that always comes to mind first is flavored vodka.  BTW, the flavor of vodka that jumped the shark was bacon.  Now I know we've had flavored coffee forever but when did all the rest become so necessary?

Well, here comes flavored grapes.  This sounds completely ridiculous and totally necessary.  Isn't "grape" already a flavor?  This is like giving a flavor a flavor.  According to, tow companies are doing the cotton candy grapes; Arizona-based Divine Flavor and California-based Grapery.  Apparently, these grapes are a huge hit already and why wouldn't they be?  THEY TASTE LIKE COTTON CANDY!!!  I know what you're saying.  Where can I get my hands and my mouth on these grapes?  Well, we may get lucky because they will be carried by select Costco Stores nationwide.  The question  is; Do we look for them in the produce section or the candy isle.  Wanna know more about cotton candy flavored grapes?  Click HERE.

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