Here's one thing I'd never thought we'd be discussing: whether Detroit fans are "soft". Where this all started was, Terry Foster, the former Detroit News columnist was railing on Twitter about a certain part of the Detroit fan base having their collective noses out of joint about the Matthew Stafford commercial for AT&T. If you haven't seen it, here it is. (Ironically, here's a football player all over basketball coverage)

(ATT via YouTube)

I guess for me, what jumps out, is how careful Stafford's script is to NOT be offensive to his past team. "12 years...and loved every minute of" is a valentine to the "D". But, also think about this: generally speaking, athletes don't seek out advertisers. It's the other way around. AT&T came to Stafford's people and what you see here is the result. But I'm also guessing Stafford and his handlers were very careful on the wording. Stafford has never struck me as being one of those "hey, look at me" controversial dudes, and the guess is, he doesn't need the distractions that would come with a commercial that was anything but respectful. Look, I spent 12 years with the people in Detroit, and while we didn't win, they're still my friends and they're good people. The other part is, when you quarterback the Super Bowl-winning team, you are going to get your fair share of endorsement deals, and you may as well cash in while the money's on the table.

Foster's reaction is to rip into those Detroit fans who are complaining. He doesn't hold back.

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Ultimately, if Lions' general manager Brad Holmes does his job and brings a winner to Motown this is all a moot point, other than those same fans might be pumping their chests too much.

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