At this point I can't help but make a joke about this situation.  As time goes by, however, things may get more serious.  Apparently, there is a situation in Grand Haven concerning the raccoon population and a virus they have contracted.  It's not the Coronavirus but Grand Haven Public Safety has actually issued warnings in the past few weeks.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, in an article on, reports are prevalent in Ottawa County. It is believed the raccoons are suffering from canine distemper, which cannot be spread to humans.  People often think canine distemper is rabbis since the symptoms can look the same, but the diseases are not.  Residents with cats or dogs should be on alert as animals can be infected with distemper.  Raccoons observed outside during daylight hours may be infected with the disease since they are normally nocturnal. Other symptoms include slow movement, stumbling, appear confused, may become aggressive, or having no fear of humans.  If you do see a raccoon acting strangely, call 911 and provide the location and do not approach it.

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