COVID-19 cases are rising yet again in Michigan and all we have to do to lower those numbers is wear a mask, social distance, keep our hands clean and stay out of big crowds.

This seems really simple, but for some reason I see less and less people doing any of the above. I barely see anyone wearing a mask anymore but I sure see lots of people getting together in groups and we all know that is not safe.

The coronavirus came from China, which has a massive population, but for some reason all of their people have taken it seriously and are doing the right thing to slow the spread.

Is the arrogance of the people in this state or this country that bad where WE ALL can't do these simple steps to help protect each other? This is not about your rights being violated, it's about each individual showing strength in doing the right thing to protect one another.

There's all this talk of schools reopening, but I have yet to hear and real plans on how schools are going to do this safely for our kids and our teachers. Especially when people as individuals are just blowing off the pandemic like nothing is going to happen to them.

People shouldn't have to catch the virus or have a family member die in order to do the right thing.

We have got to come together as a community, a state and a country and do these simple steps that are health officials are asking us to do to get back what we as Americans call normal. It's not gonna happen if we all don't try.

So I ask, are we in this thing together or not? My family and I are in, are you?

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