Kalamazoo has a huge love for its fun and wacky cars. The Big Banana Car is something we're proud to call our own, and now we may have another awesome vehicle to claim to Kalamazoo. Yesterday while enjoying a beer outside of a brewery I saw an emergency vehicle pull up, and could tell right away it wasn't a proper EMS truck. It said "Jambulance" on the side and was listed on the back as "Emergence Musical Support." Just above the back bumper of the car it read, "There's the rest...then the best."

TSM Mark Frankhouse
TSM Mark Frankhouse

I had no idea what I was even looking at until the dude who owned it and who I presumed was his wife or partner got out of the car. I had to ask them about this awesome truck and how they got it.

Apparently they got the truck from D & L Auto in Grand Rapids who said the truck previously belonged to a gentlemen who lived in California. They said the former owner had hooked it up with all sorts of music cabs and basically lived out of the car while providing "emergency musical support." The man later went to Africa for about 2 years, which is when the car was sold to D & R. After the current couple bought it, they started to have big plans for it:

We're gonna completely re-do the interior and hook it up with all the furnishings and basically live out of it and travel the country.

These two are super cool and can't wait to see how the refurnishing goes to hear more from their story.

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