I remember having this conversation a while back.  I could have sworn the person at the Secretary of State office advised me not to smile on my drivers license photo.  Then I started questioning my own memory, which happens a lot more frequently these days, and wondered if it was the guy at the passport office.

So, the question is: are you or are you not supposed to smile in your drivers license photo?  The reason being that for identification purposes, as in the case of a passport, officials want you to look as "basic" as possible so your appearance isn't altered to any great extent by smiling, laughing or making a crazy face.  If you look at my photo, I proceeded under the premise that you're not supposed to smile.  By the way, whenever I show someone I know my drivers license they always give me a hard time because I look grumpy or look like I used a mugshot which, I guess, is the point.



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