It might be common sense to give bicyclists some room when they are sharing our roadways, but giving bicyclists at least a three-foot gap between your car and their bike is officially Michigan law, as of today. Until now, Michigan was one of eleven states without the so-called "safe passing" law. Driver's Education will also change to reflect this new law. Just days after the horrible Chain Gang bicycle accident in 2016, bicyclists and activists appealed to the governor for a law protecting their right to be on the road and stiff penalties for those who violate a safe distance or safe passing law.

So, what will it mean for those who disregard this law? Authorities will treat it as a civil infraction, and drivers could face a steep fine. But that shouldn't be the reason you give our neighbors some breathing room. Respect the bike lanes and give bicyclists and pedestrians a wide berth.

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