First let me say I still can't believe an institution like Art Van is going out of business.  I understand other retail entities loosing market share and customers to online options but not furniture.  Don't you want to check it out in person before you buy?  Plus, where is any other traditional competition coming from?  Nevertheless, a great Michigan and Midwest tradition is coming to an end.  That said, there may be some flies in the ointment before the doors close for good. reports that a customer, Kelly Melle from Comstock Park heard the news that Art Van will soon shut its doors and fears she will never get to see the items she purchased.  She says she had a special order of couches shipped to her house back in February, but they came damaged and she had to reorder.  Melle says she called customer service who told her even though the order was placed, her items would never be arriving at her home due to the closure.

A customer service employee also told her there would be no refunds despite not receiving the $7,000 in items she paid for.  Melle says Art Van did offer to have her come in and pick items off the showroom floor, but she says that is not enough.  She's just asking to be treated fairly, and says if they can’t fulfill the order, then the order should be canceled and we should be refunded.

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