After an earth-shaking announcement last week from the Battle Creek Baseball Team, formerly the Battle Creek Bombers, about seven names chosen for voting on a new team name, adjustments have now been made. Now four nicknames, including two from the original contest, will be voted on for the new team name.

It comes after the team received a large amount of feedback about a few of the names, some of them not very positive. But the team says they acknowledge the feedback, calling it a "swing and a miss" and so they have reworked the contest which remains open for voting until Tuesday, December 14.


“The response has been more than we could have imagined. Just like in baseball, sometimes you take a big swing and you miss. We are stepping back in the box for another at-bat. I can’t thank our fans and key partners enough for their feedback. We told the community that they were going to name the team and we meant it.” - New Battle Creek Baseball Team Owner Brian Colopy

The two names that have been carried over from the original contest are "Crunchers" and "Donuts". The two new names to the contest are "Blue Collars" and "Battle Jacks".

Removed from the voting were "Balloon Animals", "Cowbells", "Sugartails", "Thunder Chickens", and "Nut Smugglers".

Here are the captions from Colopy provided for the reasoning behind these two new names as well as the ones that were carried over from the previous voting:

Battle Jacks

"The Battle Creek Battle Jacks pays respect to the highest submitted team name, the “BattleCats”, former name of the team several years ago, in a new, fun way. With ties to the city’s cereal background, Jacks can refer to the popular Kellogg's cereal “Apple Jacks”. A “Jack of All Trades” is also a figure of speech to someone with multiple skills which is prevalent for many community members in the Battle Creek area. Finally, in baseball, a “Jack” is a popular term for a home run."

Blue Collars

"The Battle Creek Blue Collars was another top team name submission and emphasizes the resiliency and toughness of the people living in the Battle Creek area. Also, a tie to the many skilled trades and blue-collar jobs in the community, “Blue Collar” cities like Battle Creek take pride in their hard work and dedication to their craft just like the baseball players who call the Cereal City home each summer."


Well renowned for being the birthplace of the cereal industry, the Battle Creek “Crunchers” signifies the sound made as one enjoys their favorite morning meal each day. Home to Kelloggsand Post, cereal production has been a major cornerstone to the community since the late1800’s. This name also plays off the sound the bat can make when hitting the ball with force during the game."


"Battle Creek Doughnuts pays homage to the "Dough Boys" who passed through the Army training center at Camp Custer in World War I. Thousands of young American men received their first taste of military life here and enjoyed the generous hospitality of the townspeople. Also, a baseball "Doughnut" is a weighted ring that fits over the end of a baseball bat, used for warming up during a baseball game. Finally, nicknamed the "breakfast capital" of the world, the Battle Creek area is home to numerous bakeries and donut shops."

So there you have it. Take two. Voting got underway on Tuesday, December 7 and fans can continue to vote in the contest until Tuesday, December 14 at 5:00 p.m.. Votes can be made by visiting the Battle Creek Baseball Team website by CLICKING HERE.

Not only will your votes help determine the new name, but all fans who vote will also be in the running to win one of 25 Battle Creek Baseball hats or choose one of 10 limited edition Battle Creek Baseball T-shirts.

The winning selection, all of which were chosen by fans, will give that fan free season tickets for life to any Battle Creek Baseball Team game at C.O. Brown Stadium.

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