With more and more movies being released directly to streaming platforms now, we've all gotten used to the at-home cinema experience. But true movie fans will tell you it's just not the same. There's something magical about getting your ticket, finding your seat, and making one last quick trip to the concession stand to get every film buff's favorite snack; warm, buttery movie theater popcorn. Just like hot dogs taste better at the ballpark and corn dogs are best when enjoyed at the fair, there's something about movie theater popcorn that you just can't duplicate at home in a microwave. JC Cinema in Battle Creek understands your snack situation, and they are here to sate your craving.

Friday, June 26th, you can drive through their parking lot between 4pm and 7pm and score a small bag of popcorn for every person in the car. According to a post on the JC Cinema, the perfectly salted bits of movie-going joy will be handed out by gloved and masked cinema employees who will be "following all the CDC guidelines for your health and safety."

Make it a moment! If you have a DVD player in that minivan of yours, why not strap the kids in, grab that popcorn, and park to watch a movie in your driveway? Or, project the movie on broad side of your garage and camp out in the backyard! Until we can get back to our traditional movie-going experiences, we're going to have to use our imaginations to make a little magic happen.

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