When we talked earlier about whether or not axe throwing was going to be coming or was somewhere in Kalamazoo, I got a little excited. Sadly no such place has yet to open, but there is still Target Axe Throwing in Grand Rapids where you can test out your skill. One such person who is a native of Battle Creek began to throw axes competitively 3 years ago and just recently found himself throwing in the Axe Throwing World Championships. Dustin Wellman never thought that one day he'd be at the Championships or even more so that he would almost make Pros.

Recently Wellman finished 33rd in the championships, which is unfortunately one place short of the top 32, who go on to earn an automatic spot in the first professional ax throwing league that's set to start in 2021. His dreams of being in the league aren't squashed as he can still qualify to be one of the 64 members of the pro league, as he caught up with Wood TV explaining jut how great it's been for him:

I want to be the world champion. I mean, that’s the goal, I love it. It’s my passion now. It consumes me.

Wellman's wife Leslie is also an axe thrower and is also enjoying the thrill of it all:

Just join a league, get some help, throw some axes and have some fun. Pick up a new hobby.

Leslie Wellman is also thinking of throwing axes in the championships next year as well. We'll know in the next few weeks if Dustin qualifies for the 2021 World Axe Throwing League. If you wanna start picking it up, here are few target options for you to buy.

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