Imagine, you are in the City of Battle Creek and have called 911, and now waiting for the sound of police sirens. A new interactive messaging tool, now being used by the Battle Creek Police Department, will send a text message to 911 callers, alerting them that the call has been received.

The messaging app is called SPIDR Tech, and will interact with the Calhoun County 911 system. Once a 911 call is initiated and captured in Battle Creek Police Departments' computer-aided dispatch system, SPIDR Tech will automatically send a text message to the caller to acknowledge receipt of the call and any additional information. Likewise, if other emergencies leave police unable to quickly respond, the system can send updates about the delay, assuring the caller that their call is still in progress.

Other features of the new system include an investigation alert that sends updates to crime victims as their case progresses. The initial message will walk victims through the investigation process and additional messages will ensure that they’re immediately notified of updates, including detective assignments and the arrest of offenders. A link to a brief survey will also be included, where callers can provide feedback. This will help the Battle Creek Police Department to measure the overall experience with responding officers, and the frequency of different types of calls.

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